Nimrod Twice Born and Opus Dei were, collectively, more than thirty years in the writing.  Opus Dei grew out of my love for Lebanon and sadness over the civil war which split the country apart, but it grew, layer upon layer, far outstripping the limited vision I had for it initially.   It unites prophecy and mythology to develop a common direction, beginning with a small act of violence against one man and ending in Middle Eastern war and world-wide upheaval.

Nimrod Twice Born is the younger of the two books and the developer of the conspiracy which culminates in the book, Opus Dei.  It flows on two distinct levels and two different time periods taking as its protagonists (or antagonists), a magician at the time of Christ, and Heinrich Himmler, leader of the Nazi SS.  Certain relics and a similar passion unite the men in one quest; to break the power of the God of the Bible over the hearts and minds of men and to replace him with a god of their own making.

Opus Dei reveals this god and sets him at the head of a New World Order.  All events are historically based or find their root in strong circumstantial evidence.

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